LiteMap Releases

0.01 Alpha - October 2013 - 10th February 2015

Initial development:

  1. Groups for user and data clustering.
  2. HTML5 Canvas based mapping of IBIS discussions.
  3. New list design based on panels for each item with images on Groups and Maps.
  4. Dashboard of visualisation at System, Groups and Map levels.
  5. New restful API returning CIF formatted jsonld.
  6. Embeddable options on all maps to get iframe snippets for read only maps.
  7. Testing system for automatic A/B grouping and test specific logging.

0.1 Alpha - 11th February 2015

  1. Implement memcache for Restful API.
  2. Browser extensions to suplement the bookmarklet toolbar.
  3. Toolbars on all nodes for easy action access including: edit, remove, vote, view urls, view parent maps (for transcluded nodes), view details and a rollover menu to add nodes to map and link back to current node.

0.2 Alpha - 2nd March 2015

Mapping interface redesign, including:

  1. Mapping over images.
  2. New draggable div-based node explore view.
  3. Right-click drag and drop node linking.
  4. Right-click node creation menu as well as node creation toolbar.
  5. Map specific search.
  6. Linear view option.
  7. Embeddable options on all maps to get iframe snippets for editable maps.

0.3 Alpha - 8th April 2015

  1. User obfuscation: Separation of private user data from main data on Restful API calls including a security key system.
  2. New group joining management system
  3. 'My Groups' tab in user area to show groups I manage and groups I am in.

0.4 Alpha - 6th May 2015

  1. New homepage design showing you your Groups and Issues when logged in.
  2. New scrolling lists on homepage.
  3. New Edit Bar on maps to drag and drop nodes onto map easily.

0.5 Alpha - 22nd May 2015

  1. Moved the website from a fixed width to a full width design, mainly to increase mapping area.

0.6 Alpha - 30th June 2015

The map page has a new tabs system to integrated visualisations and analytics more directly.

  1. The actual Mapping area as was.
  2. Alternative Views: uses 5 CIDashboard visualisations:
    • Sunburst
    • Conversation Nesting
    • Treemap - Leaves
    • Treemap - Top Down
    • Conversation Network.
  3. Visual Analytics: uses 6 CIDashboard visualisations:
    • Quick Overview
    • Social Network
    • People and Issue Ring
    • Activity Analytics
    • User Activity Analytics; 6. Contribution Stream.

0.7 Alpha - 7th July 2015

We extended the datamodel to allow Open Comments to be used in maps and we also added a new Argument node type. This will allow multiple connection from an Argument as both supporting and counter an Idea. It also in preparation for the CIF import currently under development.

0.8 Alpha - 22nd July 2015

  1. New CIF Import feature. Available from the user home page. There is a preview interface in which you can select which nodes to import and also, if importing connections into a new map, adjust the map layout before importation.
  2. Fixed Map Edit bar paging system to deal with large page numbers. It now scrolls the page number list. In the future this should be cleverer.

0.9 Alpha - 19th October 2015

  1. CIDashboard embedded visualisations now pulled in the correct language to match the chosen language in LiteMap.
  2. Various small bug fixes.

1.0 - 19th November 2015

  1. Images can be added to Comment nodes that display in the main node. You can right-click to view a large version of the image.
  2. Button to turm link labels on and off has been added to maps.
  3. Link label on/off and node label rolloverhint on/off user choices have been persisted with cookies.
  4. User map lists show as Map boxes, not text list.
  5. User list added to the Admin area.
  6. Bug fixes.